Thursday, December 15, 2011


selepas 2 minggu, ak masih tak kebah2 panas...
benci sungguh!

feel unwell n it kown as fever.
terbaik..melalui mlm yg panjang dalam idop.
kejap2 terjaga.
sakit sendi.
kebas tapak tgn.
sakit kepala..
perggghh!ternyata pakej klimaks demam ak..
ak benci jmpe doktor.

i choose to get all in well!
yup..see da doctor your hows your condition right now?
he want to pass me to the gov hospital.
ask me to go and do the blood test.
do know want my reply to him?
"what?im so sory doc. i hate to have a meet wif u or another one.i hate doc.
my tongue clearly pass out those words.
i hope the doc can understand me better here.

he smiles.and i add some wording there, can i  get any medicine and just mc for today.
then i will get more rest since my headache still no less from yesterday.

he smiles again with calm saying "ok. i give you this medicine if after 3 day u still feel unwell, please go to gov hospital for blood test. if you still won't take there, you can take it here but the price much differ"

hehe. now i felt better just now.
so, a bulk of thanks doc.
hope no need to see you again.

.just a share here.
thanks for keep follow my update.=)

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