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i dun think u need to know


19 - 20th of Jan 2013.. i drove all the way with accidentally acces the LEKAS highway to pick up my mom  (in hometown) after took ain and akmal around KL. We are heading to Kulai for my ex-romate wedding. It is her Nikah day.In between asr and magrib pray, she is officially been taken by our another fren  (yaa..we know they both since diploma)

The groom and bride read their lafaz sakinah without any microphone or any other technical support like video recorder or P.A system support except a writen document for it. In another side of her home, we position as her besties felt such a feminine feeling inside our heart. Although, she is not physically make boundary to hang out along or calling update.. still dun know why we looks happier and secretly handle our tears from any leaking.may be just because most of us are the second in sibling and the eldest daughter in family then made us feel "undescribeable" for seeing the moment our besties hardly hold her tear dengan bahu yang terjungkit-jungkit itu(*sedu-sedan). the moment is involve such triangle love session point which are parents, groom and the bride.

Oh Allah.u choosen her and him to promote status of their iman.

ok.since the rest are still single mingle.. i need to be recall uolz about "bernikahlah kamu.kerana sesungguhnya nikah itu melengkapkan sebahagian agamamu"

nowadays, my frens much more plan and act closer step to get in married wif their soulmate or even arrangemarriage.

"Allah akan mencukupkan kamu dengan pernikahan dan seterusnya"

i am busier since i am a person who is such love to celebrate the lovely couple bernikah.

"tiada pasangan bercinta yang indah pernah ku lihat melainkan melalui pernikahannya" -semoga walimah pasangan sahabat lain akan menyusul juga

meraikan majlis walimah amatlah bermakna bagi mempelai yg mengundang para sahabatnya.Dan adalah lebih enak lagi jika tak melupakan menjamu sedikit jamuan kepada jiran jua orang tidak berkemampuan di sekitarnya.

"Seburuk2 makanan adalah makanan walimah yang mana tidak mengundang orang yg memerlukan (fakir) dan hanya mengundang orang yang tidak memerlukan (orang kaya); riwayat Al-Bukhari."

memenuhi undangan memang membahagiakan si penjemput (mempelai) namun ada yang sering menggunakan konsep "ambil berkat" terhadap mereka yang berjaya memenuhi undangan itu. itu mungkin hanya satu ungkapan istilah terhadap mereka yang masih bujang meraikan mempelai. some of this group of peep might lightly juz take it as dua' or
jz leave it along with cengkerik background sound.

hmm..any moral that i can conclude from the experience...????

melihat perkara yang positif seperti ini akan memberi kita  (actually aku-saya) satu lagi kesedaran positif.

guest what?

urgently need someone for drive me here and i dont need to worry about my backpain after drove for hours at long distance travel.
how could i have to bear with this cost anymore since i ageing too.

2013,please cheer up.i need to take care my self and be healtier both physically and mental. There many invitation are que all along.

thats why the entry tittle - i dun think u need to know coz i dun think u will looking for me in here.
sekian dahulu ya.


p/s : i would like to share an entry about them. and it is only after i got their permission for it. sini dulu ya.

usai sah satu kali lafaz. mereka pon sweettttt...
nampak macam besar muat lak lam kemera kan...heee


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