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i need activity then i create one.


seriusli i need activity since this is my first year i graduate from any class.
i such bussy lover.
i bet maybe im miss bee.

bee an insect.
or bee is only kindda flies that such.bussy.
and personally

home or office.
i really mean for the both place.

here in yongpeng,
i got to many workaholic teammate.
there is my family away.
gimme kidda homesick.
and they push me to find a love in here.go to him.approach.get married and built family...but i just dont accept rejection.i dont know what is was a love desrcibe you there best except a the commitment and just dont know who like or admire me in here.i found im not adorable one too.i have too many weakest point.myskin is not not too strong.would him love me the same of me.

while without their consent
im get into my cave. wherebout here..i just create my own activity
and fairy tales.
the fairy tales start with create a good memoriea among us.
i hope we meet the mission with flying colours.

this is a wishlist that i ever made..
i wish to done this before i being someone wife. because i love the activites so much.

as im not a good artist.
im also not good in paint.
but i wanna have a experience to be and live with it.
therefore i extend the painting from a smallest of A5(as same as photo size) into as bigger than A3 size.
i go to the online.
i observe..
and my routine
when i love something i dont buy it on that time.
normally i deny..deny ..deny.
then if i keep look on it.
and i cant stand without having it.
i will go back.
and get it.

ya.its about time matters.
normally my consent is..
if im back
and it still there.
means its belong to me.
this is unaffortunate fate.

only for buying item
and make it to be my belonging.

by the way im not kidda love to write in english..
but i dont know why..
i have start with it so i need to finish with it i bet.

i love the session of painting.
its about patient and passion.
keep hold..
and never give up.

i love the colours as well as i love to see many colours in my life.

i love the object presenting the paint.
i love the story of "Up" movies,  the move show me..
age no a limit to chase whatevern u wanted and dream.

dream are never left us.
but we are the one who abandon it.

i love the house as well.
i feel my home my heaven.
i wanna bring it to highest heaven level.

the balloon such telling me there is many person are also have their own dream. therefore we need to go and motivate each other.

last but not least,
i tried hard to appreciate every single thing in my life.
i dont even know which time are good to be left all this his.
i hope im still giving my best
so i can enjoying the barakah as well as have my own legacy helps me much in barzakh,mahsyar and thereafter.

i love my family.
i pray they will pray for me.
i maybe not too good to be respect to.
i may not able to give all the things that they expect me to do.
i also imperfect shall be just a person to be refered too.
i love my friend.
they will always remember me.
gimme 3qul on my last caremony.
i appreciate every enemy and person i meet really sorry because im too bad to be meet you.
i love you.
miss me now, otherwise u will missing me later.

your sincerely,


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