Friday, August 12, 2011

love in lost..

hai...sowi la..
terde mase menghupdate...
tapi sempat ber POEM..poem...
bese laa...still dak mentah kan..
so, here you are..
this is my latest poem..
sometimes aku nulih kat lam buku cuntingan2...
alaa...setakat cunting...
sebab salu kalau poem ke sajak...ak prefer n lg sk taip je trus...
sbb ia akan senang kan ak...
k la..xmo bercintut2...Ni ah la poem ak...

tajuk : love in lost
it is all about
you , me, he and she..
you are never get in me..
im never get in him,
she is never get in you,
while he is get along without my truecolours..
hard to discribe..
came never ask..
but may leave on rush..
hurts and unseen bleeding own heart..
how can we cant solve it
it depends on heart..
and be meant
once God's willing..
will we..
will we measure the lost..
will we encourage our heart..
will we support ourselves..
stay back and think it..
moving on and solve it..
we need to solute on our distance...
make us mature..
motivate us
and care the best for us..
~> kla..
pepon salam in lost : idea dr dgr litefm pg td...=D...pls correct me if i done any wrong...huhuu

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