Sunday, October 21, 2012

i do come back with "When You Say NO"

Assalammualaikum. saya melakukan come back here. there will be almost 360 degree of changes on my way to approach my readers and existing followers. I love writing or sharing something alive being. i appreciate all of people around me. i love knowledge.ya.very much.. but please still remember, im jz myself...
 ok.done to say it. sihat lagi rupanya.

please direct say NO.if you always say YES. there are many benefits on doing it.

when you say NO to your crush, there means you want to let him/her go with new relation. if you still say YES, he/she may feel he/she is still fine coz u r around.

when you say NO to your colleagues, there means you want they try to solve it by themselves. if you say YES, they will never try to independent on getting and do act their decision.

when you say NO to your brother/sister, means please stay away coz i try to make it with my own way.
If you say YES, you try to satisfy your decision to meet other's interest.

 when you say NO, to your BOS. there means you try to put yourself insecure!haha
(please take note this, not easy to say NO to every people ok.)

 apa yang saya mahu katakan, biarlah jawapan anda ringkas dan lengkap.
daripada anda memilih jawapan yang panjang dan kompleks.

 katakan IYA dengan mudah dan penuh tanggungjawab menerima tindakan mahupun arahan. tetapi pastikan jika berkata TIDAK, komited perlu ada juga.

so think about it, n try to get some mature way to answer people..

we entitle to do something di atas permasalah dan moga2 tiada kemudharatan menjejaskan AGAMA, NYAWA dan BANGSA mu. sekian ;)

life is about learning.
.it is a way you are earn to branding yourself.

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