Monday, March 18, 2013

dulu ibu..sekarang mak..

Watch "Lagu Jasa Bonda- Hari Ibu (Mei 2011)" on YouTube


here a short update ok!

dedulu we call her  emak.
then we short it with Mak only....
the calling were develop to
arabian said Ummu...
and they do call it as ummi...
the prince and kerabat bagai try with Bonda...
the indian says Amma
chinese ahmaaa
the mat salih starts as Mother...
technology came with mama...
sometimes heard that is a mummy too

nowaday, the only left is

and still refer to the same appreciation to a women who give a birth to us
as a daughter
or as a son.

so..enjoy the listening audio..
could be reply all her support,
encourage, care, time spending,
expenses to grow us well etc...



till then..
learn to deliver the task di dunia.
learn to delegent the amanah..
plays role as the a person
who earn for dunia and akhiratul hasanah.

*for me : ibu adalah ibuku.mak adalah mak mentuaku



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