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tade pape nak update.
so, tengok je la gambo..

editnye satu je.

lain2 amik kat google..

abaikan kata-kata ini..takpaham dalam byk2 quote tg epal...jumpe yg ni..
hishh.statement pelik!.. pokok epal pon bukan cenggini...

we dont need any fruit to describe ourselves instead we got own attitude which guide our soul and keep behave.

i got invitation to join a camp on this weekend.
im fening..duno whether should go or coming to hometown coz my little niece back.

my bro asking me to go the programme which is called as  S>T>E>P (under ISMA..)

Step Towards Excellent Person.


hmmm... im just a regular person.
i bet if the campmate asking why im there.
my asnwer will be like this " im here not to be an excellent person because im human which is imperfect. i here to move toward an excellent attitude (akhlak).excellent will be always Rasulullah s.a.w"

well what can i say...akhlak la yg membuatkan kita menjadi lebih baik. sebab dengan akhlak kita jadi ikhlas, amanah paling penting akhlak juga membentuk iman kita.

mungkin ada yg tak setuju, tapi buat masa ni..ini lah pandagan persendirian aku.

Allah Maha Teliti... bila setiap kali buat paperwork...
semua mesti nak cakap comparison must among apple to apple.
betul la kata Allah.
Ilmu Dia sgt luas berbanding manusia yg daif ni.


hakikat nya kita tetap ciptaan dia.
setiap ilmu kita adalah dasarnya milik dia.
kita ciput je.

*nota di tumit : i realize ak stat lupa....hmm... am i getting older or tarikh batu nisan ak dah dekat...



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