Thursday, February 13, 2014

Miss Left

Miss left.
Thats cross my mind..
left doesn't mean i'm abandon someone.
left .
never mean i am the balance whereby  forever being unpick.
for me..
left is another.
which is who sitting beside you on the solemnization.
which is in person im your another side of heart.
piece of puzzle who perfect match to your lifetime.

i dont even know..which world you are coming from.
which side in the globe you are grown..
what person you in your attitude..
why you taken time to looking for me.

grandma asking to marry after i complete my study.
i dont know how to start to seeking you.
we both are perfect by hide to each other.
both of us may resist judge the caterpillar but still butterfly flies in stomach,
we both prefer to get it halal maybe..

Miss left... that name is cross my mind tonite.
how far left from the right.
is it as fas as north to south?
or maybe east to the west?

feeling unwell.
then, this update has cross my mind.

thanks for reading.
hingga bertemu di lain entry.

*sorry.i found this in my draft entry*forgotten to be publish*so just forgive me*

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