Tuesday, July 19, 2011


u make me can't wait..
u give passion to my day..
u leads me the right way..
u guide me to bright path...
u inspired my laugh louder..
u hands me to live well..

warm me from get a cold
warn me with god's sake
then u r smiling with hik3...(chuckles)
till when..
the hope
its still you...

thanks for came into my life...
even the dropping of H20
still clearly at my ears
  for a few second  of the moment

our eyes staring
lets heart beating
we can feel our  breath
underneath on the cloud
efforts us to stay

for now than never...

thanks to unnamed
u just 
welcome into my
mind.not heart yet.

"its the other silly gurl knocking from inside"
k babai..
most pleasure for visit me in here...

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(66;) : " singgah bersila, senyum terukir,
follow la kita, komen secangkir..."

(66D) : "berbalas komen berpimpin tangan,
mekasih lah sudi di sini kita berhubungan...;"